BlueScope Water Tanks Upgrade Improves Town Reservoir

TWO million litres of water has been pumped back into the Tenterfield East Street reservoir following a major upgrade to the reservoir. An asset inspection showed cracks had started appearing in the reservoir.

With a combined effort between Tenterfield Shire Council, Bluescope Water Tanks, DTB Fabrications and Devine Water Tanks, the reservoir has now been upgraded.

Tenterfield Shire Council’s manager for water and waste, Deanne Eaton said the group had completed a challenging engineering project.

“There were some unique engineering solutions used to repair the reservoir,” she said.

The mammoth tank was fitted with a liner before being refilled, emptied and then refilled again.

Mrs Eaton said council wanted to thank the affected residents for their tolerance.

“We would like to thank the residents who were affected by the low water pressure and discolouration for their patience,” she said.

Residents in Derby Street and East Street and some residences located on Mt Lindesay Highway and Mt Mackenzie Road were the most impacted by the works.

“It’s essential asset renewal,” Mrs Eaton said.

The tank was built around 1930 and has undergone little or no work since then and Mrs Eaton said this was about “enhancing its life expectancy”.

* Article originally appeared in the Tenterfield Star.