Three Tanks For Three Schools Challenge

Schools across Western Australia have the chance to win one of three 27,500-litre Pioneer rainwater tanks.

The Three Tanks for Three Schools Challenge has been developed by the Water Corporation and BlueScope Water Tanks to increase awareness in schools about the importance of everyone in the community working together to help conserve our precious water supply in Western Australia.

Purpose-designed for schools with built-in safety features, Pioneer Water Tanks:

  • Help reduce school water bills by using rain water.
  • Minimise stormwater run-off into the local ecosystem.
  • Reduce pressure on the main’s water system.
  • Harvest rain water for watering gardens.
  • Can be plumbed internally for toilets.

The Challenge includes a simple Water Audit lesson plan and activity sheet to help teachers and students develop ways to make their schools more water efficient.

The Challenge is open to all schools that have been recognised by the Water Corporation as Waterwise Schools before 5 April 2013.

The three winning schools of the challenge will receive:

  • A 27,500-litre Pioneer Water Tank, which includes a pump, filtration and mains back-up unit
  • Free delivery to the school site*
  • Assembly of the tank on the site*
  • $500 towards the plumbing costs*

*subject to terms and conditions.

For more information on the Challenge, visit: