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Rick from Margaret River

“You can never have enough water” – truer words have never been spoken in the case of Rick who found himself in a bit of a jam.  You see had Rick found himself in the not so unique position of having outgrown his water storage capacity.

What started as a quest to satisfy the ever increasing water demands of his now teenage children, ended with a realisation that his property and family were at potential risk.


Rick had some storage, just poly water tanks lined up in a series because of the limited elongated space he had – but they were not going to cut it. Total storage only came to 60kL. This was just a hobby farm but they were spending a whole lot more time there. Rick realised he was going to need a lot more water.

Rick had a decent roof catchment, around 290 m2 so there was the capability to harvest & store more water from this catchment area.  Unfortunately, there were some big issues with his current water storage system.


Most of the rainwater from late winter was running out of the overflow and down to the creek – wasting this precious resource. Additionally, the runoff was causing erosion issues that had to be dealt with.

By the time summer came around, the water tanks were all but empty.  However, it was the comment from a friend that opened up his eyes to the risk he was unknowingly exposing his family to

“With the potential for bushfires this coming summer, your poly tanks are going to melt and burn, especially if they are not full of water.”

Margaret River has experienced fires before, and not just little ones either. Rick could add another water tank to the existing poly tank cluster but that was not going to hold up to a serious bushfire event.  If he needed to stay and fight, his property and the lives of his family would be at serious risk.


Upon consultation with Luke from Pioneer Water Tanks Margaret River, the following water storage goals were set:


The following outline was provided as a solution to meet the identified goals.

Option 1

Install a lined steel panel water tank of large capacity; these are the most cost effective large capacity solution and they are proven to be fire resistant even when directly exposed to a fire-front.

  • Pioneer Water Tanks are fire tested and proven and they have the best liner available – the Aqualiner®.
  • Make sure to have several outlets with a fire fighting reserve for the rural fire brigade.
  • The only stopper would be that new water tank site would have to be selected as the large diameter would not squeeze into the allocated site.

Option 2

Install 2 x lined steel panel water tanks of medium capacity with a balance line between them but still able to work in isolation.

  • a. Fire resistance was achieved and there was the option to maintain or repair one tank whilst the other was still in service, so always ready, always primed for supplying water on demand.
  • b. Pioneer tanks can be installed within a restricted space and built close together to maximise capacity

Rick had a choice and a budget. The roof catchment of around 290 m2 was capable of harvesting over 320kL of water per annum. The second option was preferred and allowed Rick to meet all of the goals and satisfied the safety & growing water needs of the family.


In consultation with Luke, two tanks were selected, 2 x GT130’s – giving just over 250kL of effective storage capacity.  They were balanced together which made them able to be filled together.  They were able to be shut off independently, which made the water available to the family at all times.

The tanks were installed next to each other on the existing site which saved on site works, and they now rarely overflow – saving their valuable water.

That summer, Rick and his family never ran out of water so their regular holidays were stress-free.

Rick made a smart decision in contacting an expert for advice on his unique situation.  At Pioneer Water Tanks Margaret River this is what we do.  We listen to your needs and advise the most efficient method to achieve your goals and objective. 

We are available for consultations so give us a call to see how we can help you.